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Title I / AIS Complaint

Schools within the South Huntington UFSD have been designated to receive Title I funds as part of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  Under NCLB, the district is required by law to disseminate information to parents regarding complaint and appeal procedures.  These procedures apply to concerns and/or violations or potential violations of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title I (Parts A, C and D), General Education Provisions Act, or of Section 100.2(ee) Academic Intervention Services of the resolutions to complaints and/or issues at the building and district level whenever possible.  Sometimes, however, it might not be possible to resolve certain issues informally.  When such matters arise, more formal procedures are necessary.  Below is a brief description of the process that is in place in the South Huntington School District to address complaints as they arise; all complaints must:
Be made in writing;
Be signed by the person or agency representative filing the complaint;
Specify the requirement of law or regulation being violated and the related issue, problem, and/or the concern; 
Contain information/evidence supporting the complaint;
State the nature of the corrective action desired; and
Be delivered to the Superintendent’s Office.