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Walt Whitman High School        

Guidance & Student Services

301 West Hills Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

CEEB Code 332495
Phone: (631) 812-3820
Fax: (631) 812-3819

2016-17 High School Profile

2016-17 Guidance Plan


Chairperson of Guidance & Student Services

Ms. Leah C. Lugovina


Ms. Kiva Boozer
Mr. Mark Chapman
Ms. Carolyn Dooley
Ms. Ivette Moss 
Ms. Gina Petrie
Ms. Crystalia Shepherd
Mr. Christopher Tuohy
Ms. Patricia Urgiles


Student Services

School Psychologists

Ms. Katherine Carmichael

Ms. Cynthia Mandel

Dr. Carol Savoy

Dr. Martin Zizi

Social Workers

Ms. Jacqueline Carroll

Ms. Stacey Fletcher

Mr. Roberto Torres 

Behavior Specialist

Ms. Kareena Dowling


Calendar of Events

 Financial Aid Information Night

PowerPoint Presentation

 September 20, 2016

Grade 12 College Night

 PowerPoint Presentation

September 27, 2016

Grade 9 Guidance Night

PowerPoint Presentation

October 20, 2016

Parents Helping Parents (PTA) 


 October 25, 2016

Grade 11 College Night

PowerPoint Presentation

November 15, 2016


 AP Informational Night


 January 19, 2017

Grade 10 College Night

PowerPoint Presentation

March 21, 2017


Mini College Fair

List of Participating Colleges



March 23, 2017