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Why be a Vendor

The South Huntington UFSD Health and Wellness Fair is increasing in popularity and in vendor support each year as local businesses, organizations and professionals consider the value of becoming a participant. Health and wellness fair "vendors" understand that there are many reasons why they dedicate their time to supporting the fair. 

Consider the following: 

  • As a volunteer vendor, you have the ability to educate large numbers of local community members, students, families and SHUFSD employees on a wellness topic you are knowledgeable in and believe in teaching others about.
  • You have the potential to meet other people who share the same health and wellness interests. 
  • You can encourage others to think more seriously about health and wellness issues. 
  • Many community members, students and parents may not be completely aware of the various health and wellness resources, organizations and professionals that are available to them. By becoming a part of the health and wellness fair, you are making yourself known as one of those resources that can become well-known in the community. 
Busy the day of the Fair? You can still help! 

But what if you do not have time to spend the afternoon at the fair? If you want to support the South Huntington UFSD Health and Wellness Fair, but cannot make the day of the fair, there are other ways to help. You can still send the message that you care about the health of your community without actually attending the fair. For example, supporters of past fairs have chosen to donate health and wellness items to be raffled off.  You can also lend equipment that you think may support the fair. If these are not possible options, consider assisting with advertising, spreading the word about the fair, and encouraging anyone you know to attend the fair. These are only ideas. If you want to help the fair and have some suggestions as to how you think you could play an important role, please contact us! We appreciate any ideas you may have! 

Past Vendors & Supporters: 

Fitness Through Dancing
Protect Allergic Kids (PAK)
Whole Foods Market
Huntington Santuary
Long Island Reiki Connection 
United States Tennis Quick Start Program 
Family and General Dentistry
Birchwood Intermediate Student Council 
Birchwood Intermediate Physical Education Dept. 
Maplewood Intermediate Student Council 
Maplewood Intermediate Physical Education Dept. 
Oakwood Student Council 
Countrywood Student Council 
Huntington Community First Aid Squad
Prevision Resource Center (PRC) 
South Huntington Nurses' Association 
My Gym Children's Fitness
Walt Whitman Student Services and Employee Assistance Program 
Huntington Breast Cancer Coalition
Walt Whitman S.A.D.D Volunteers
Wiggles and Giggles Therapeutic Infant Massage 
Family Service League
"J. Grace Corporation" "Grace Your School" 
Huntington Drug and Alcohol 
Huntington YMCA
American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Henry L. Stimson Middle School S.A.D.D.
South Huntington UFSD Food Services Dept. 
South Huntington UFSD Technology Dept. 
Walt Whitman National Honor Society
Suffolk County Health Department 
St. Francis Hospital Community Outreach 
Huntington Manor Fire Department
Suffolk County Sheriff's Department Shed the meds
South Huntington School District Department of Music and Arts
South Huntington School District Project Excel
"Sage the World" "Picnic with a Purpose" 
Daytop Village, Inc
Cornell Cooperative
Long Island Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence 
South Huntington UFSD PTA Council 
"Pretzel, Yoga for Kids, Pilates for Adults" 
Shed the Meds Community Awareness Program 
Yoga Kids
Seafield Substance Abuse Treatment Center
Go Green and Healthy with Shaklee
Transitions Lifestyle Program/Shape-up for Kids 
Suffolk County Police Dept. 2nd Precinct Bicycle Safety 
It's Time to Get Fit
Kane Dental
Curvy Girls of Long Island 
Advanced Animal Care Center

Important Note: 
South Huntington Union Free School District offers this Health and Wellness Fair as a service to the our community. The school district does not endorse or support any of the participating vendors.