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Social and Emotional Learning Resource Page


Walt Whitman High School is committed to personal, social and academic excellence.  As a school committed to the education of the whole child, we are working to reinforce specific core values and share them with all members of the school community.  These values are the basis for all human relations within the school setting.  We uphold the values by consistently maintaining standards of conduct and respect, and through celebrating their manifestation within the school and community.

The purpose of this page is to provide members of the Whitman/South Huntington community with information that can help all of us reinforce the District's mission.

The mission of the South Huntington School District is to empower all children to maximize their potential by:

  • Teaching them the necessary academic skills
  • Enabling them to develop the positive social/moral skills necessary to become contributing members of society
  • Providing them with a safe and secure environment where all are treated with respect

Please take the time to peruse and enjoy the links that follow. Thank you to Ms. Maureen Moloughney for her help in compiling.

General Information and Resources
High School Survival Guide